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Fall & Winter Musical Performance Schedule Soon...
to Apr 25

Fall & Winter Musical Performance Schedule Soon...

Our first musical performance season included a truly diverse list of musical talent.  The energy and sonic vibe from jazz, bluegrass, folk, and alternative music performers, to name a few, put our coffee shop on the lyrical radar.  J.René Coffee owes a BIG Thank You to Jared Gardner for making this happen.   It simply wouldn't have happened without him. 

Our second season, which begins this fall promises to showcase more local, national and international talent.  If you want to come to a place where musicians come to hear musicians play, J.René Coffee is the perfect venue for you.  More information as well as an events calendar will be posted soon.  

If you'd like to perform at our shop, please contact Jared Gardner via e-mail at: jaredgardnerbass@gmail.com 

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